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Are you struggling with issues related to trauma, grief, addictions, anxiety, fears, weight, infertility, bad habits or physical pain? Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT is a revolutionary protocol that can offer permanent relief in as little as ONE session--without the use of medication!

My name is Cheryl Cuttineau, and I am a certified RTT Practitioner in Orange County, California.   If you are frustrated with hours and hours of traditional "talk therapy" and you want back control of your own self-healing process, I am here to empower you on your journey to reclaim the power you were born with and begin living your best life!


Guiding You On the Path to Self-Healing

   You're not happy.  Maybe you're unsure about the direction of your life. Maybe you have a drinking problem or some other behavior that is keeping you from living successfully. Maybe you are one of those people who got downsized, lost their job and you're depressed.  Or maybe you have physical symptoms such as exzema,  inflammation or weight gain.  Maybe you've tried other therapies such as getting your brain scrambled or being on different medications. Maybe you've already been in traditional therapy, and after weeks or months or years, you're still just talking about your problem!

    Whatever your needs are, there is a solution, and I am here to help. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a healing modality for the 21st century. It includes such cutting-edge techniques as neuroplasticity and command-cell therapy. Permanent relief is possible in ONE session.  My goal is to empower you to reclaim the power you were born with,  take back control of your mental and physical well-being, and live your very best life. RTT makes this possible because it identifies and eradicates the ROOT cause, unlike other therapies that only treat the symptoms. And I have the tools and professional training to help you get back on track!

     After you have reviewed the information contained on this website, contact me by email at info@healingmorepeoplenow.com, and I will send you a brief questionnaire. After you return your answers to me, I will arrange a 20-minute complimentary "Discovery" session by phone to discuss the techniques that would be best for your situation and answer any questions.

   If you decide to go forward, I will send you an additional intake form to complete, you will need to make a payment in full through Stripe, PayPal or Zelle. As soon as payment is received I will contact you to set up an appointment for your RTT session. Depending on the package you select, sessions will take place by phone, Skype, or a mutually-arranged location.

   The RTT session is typically 2 hours in length. We will narrow down your issues to the one you most want to eliminate. I will begin the trance hypnosis process which is like a guided meditation. I will regress you to at least 3 scenes in your past that relate to your issue. You will "reframe" or reinterpret the meaning of those events and come to understand WHY you do what you do. You cannot fix what you don't understand. Understanding that is the freedom you seek. I will use one or more techniques to dialogue with your subconscious mind--the part of your awareness that wants to help you. The summary or "Cure" is the secret sauce. It is a recording that is specific to you and includes many of your own words and phrases. You will receive this recording on your cell phone before you leave, and you are to listen to it at least once a day for 21 consecutive days.

   If you decide NOT to go forward, we will still be friends and I will even send you a free self-hypnosis recording for Relaxation just for visiting my website.

Don't suffer any longer! Request a free "Discovery" session at info@healingmorepeoplenow.com.  You have nothing to lose and a missing part of your life to regain. (RTT can also cure Procrastination!)

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

“90% of all illness and disease is psychosomatic. The miracle is not that the cancer was cured but that the body created the tumor in the first place.”

Dr. O. Carl Simonton

Former  traditional Oncologist-turned Wholistic Physician

"The emotion that cannot find its expression in tears may cause other organs to weep."

Dr. Henry Maudsley (1835-1918)

Female Hypnotherapy Patient


A Happier, Healthier You

RTT has been used to treat the following:

  • addictions

  • anxiety

  • smoking

  • drinking

  • drug abuse

  • depression

  • gambling

  • hoarding

  • insomnia

  • childhood issues

  • confidence & self-esteem

  • compulsions

  • infertility

  • food

  • fears

  • grief

  • guilt

  • memory, concentration

  • money issues

  • panic attacks

  • public speaking

  • passing exams

  • procrastination

  • stress

  • skin problems

  • trauma

  • weight

  • The universal disease "Not Enough"




Cheryl Cuttineau

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Female Hypnotherapy Patient

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